Electrical Muscle Stimulation

At Innovative Chiropractic Clinic in Swansea, IL, our team works passionately toward wellness for our patients. We employ traditional and innovative chiropractic techniques designed to help patients suffering from musculoskeletal and neuromuscular pain and disorders. One of these methods is electrical muscle stimulation.


How Does It Work?

Electrical muscle stimulation may sound daunting, but it’s a quick and relatively painless process. Electrical muscle stimulation is often used before other treatment methods to help your body relax and to ease pain. Our chiropractor will do a physical examination to determine the cause of your pain. We will then place small pads on your body depending on where your pain is. An electric current will pass through into your muscle fibers or area of pain. You may feel a strange tingling sensation and have some muscle spasms at first, but it shouldn’t hurt. The currents are not strong enough to cause pain. EMS therapy will relax your muscles and relieve tension, which often alleviates pain.

Benefits of Electrical Muscle Stimulation

EMS therapy can help treat a variety of conditions, including injuries and chronic pain. EMS is a great way to relieve pain early on and get your body started in the healing process. This method can increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, alleviate muscle spasms, reverse muscle atrophy, and more.

This form of therapy is great for a wide variety of patients. If you are recovering from an injury, EMS therapy is a great way to keep your muscles active. If you have chronic pain, this can alleviate it. Athletes often use EMS to keep their muscles strong and minimize soreness.

Schedule Your Appointment

No matter what condition you are suffering from, we can help. At Innovative Chiropractic Clinic in Swansea, IL, our team offers electrical muscle stimulation to speed up your recovery and relieve your pain. We will create a personalized treatment plan that works for your condition and lifestyle. We offer a variety of other chiropractic methods, including LED light therapy, massage therapy, physical therapy, and more. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, call us today. 


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